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Blockchain Investment And M&A Trend Analysis

Published: Aug, 2019 | Pages: 58 | Publisher: Netscribes
Industry: Technology & Media | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

After powering the meteoric rise of the cryptocurrencies, blockchain is set to drive disruption across industries globally. There has been a significant growth in the adoption of blockchain in digital enterprises and digital-intensive organizations. By offering disruptive solutions, startups have begun to lead the integration of blockchain in real business applications.

This report focuses on an M&A and investment analysis of blockchain startups to understand blockchain adoption across various industries. The recent trends show that global investors are eager to invest in cryptocurrency, financial services, and supply chain management for monetizing early opportunities such as ease of technology adoption and the increased focus on cryptocurrency. As we wanted to keep the focus of this study on the key industry verticals including Healthcare, Automotive, Agri-Food and Industry 4.0, the startups shortlisted from the various step were retained to better assess the impact of investments on these verticals with a significant impact on the block chain value chain while also involve major industry stakeholders. Horizontal blockchain applications such as supply chain, cryptocurrency, etc. have not been focused in the current study.

M&A Trend Analysis
This section of the report identifies the overall M&A activities across of blockchain startups globally and includes a summary of M&A deals by blockchain startups based on the industry. Furthermore, the report identifies the top industries based on the number of M&A deals, and the top investors operating across the spectrum.

The section also provides a geographical overview of the M&A deals in the blockchain space. Additionally, it provides an overview of the M&A deals globally and also the purpose of these deals - service and product expansion, technology expansion, strategic investment, technology and IP expansion, and geographical expansion in existing or new regions.

Investment Trend Analysis
We note the investment deals of blockchain startups in the aforementioned areas. The report provides a summary of investments based on maximum funding in the industry, which includes the most favourable route of funding (ICO or non-ICO), prominent geographies and top applications and startups.

The report also provides a number of investment deals and the size of deals from 2014 to 2019.  We further categorize the funding details based on the nature of funding - ICO and non-ICO.
 Table of Contents

1. Blockchain Startups : Investment Scenario
1.1 Key Findings
1.2 Ecosystem
1.3 Global Scenario

2. Healthcare : Investment Scenario
2.1 Key Findings
2.2 Overview
2.3 Global Scenario
2.4 Regional Analysis
2.5 Investment Scenario: Overview
2.6 Investment Scenario: Application Segments
2.7 Blockchain Adoption
2.8 Leading Startups

3. Agri-food : Investment Scenario
3.1 Key Findings
3.2 Overview
3.3 Global Scenario
3.4 Regional Analysis
3.5 Investment Scenario: Overview
3.6 Investment Scenario: Application Segments
3.7 Blockchain Adoption
3.8 Leading Startups

4. Automotive: Investment Scenario
4.1 Key Findings
4.2 Overview
4.3 Global Scenario
4.4 Regional Analysis
4.5 Investment Scenario: Overview
4.6 Investment Scenario: Application Segments
4.7 Blockchain Adoption
4.8 Leading Startups

5. Industry 4.0: Investment Scenario
5.1 Key Findings 
5.2 Overview
5.3 Global Scenario
5.4 Regional Analysis
5.5 Investment Scenario: Overview
5.6 Investment Scenario: Application Segments
5.7 Blockchain Adoption
5.8 Leading  Startups

6. Blockchain Startups : M&A Analysis
6.1 Global M&A Scenario (BC Startups)
6.2 Deals in the Cryptocurrency Segment
6.3 Deals in the Other Industry Segments
6.4 Deals By Type

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