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Asia Pacific Automotive Plastics Analysis, Growth Trends, And Segment Forecasts, 2012 To 2020

Published: Jul, 2014 | Pages: 75 | Publisher: Grand View Research
Industry: Materials | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)


This study is a comprehensive report on the Automotive Plastics market, with particular focus on industry outlook, growth drivers, market segmentation, competitive scenario and critical success factors. This research report provides statistical data, including market size by product and application for historic years of 2012 and 2013, with forecast up to 2020.

The report firstly provides market segmentation, current market scenario, growth prospects and value chain analysis. Then the report analyzes the Asia Pacific Automotive Plastics market dynamics in-depth which include growth feasibility analysis, market driver impact analysis, five force analysis, and PESTEL analysis. The growth feasibility analysis points out key areas in this industry that represent high growth opportunities for market players over the forecast period.

Additionally, this report includes comprehensive industry landscape, with market dynamics, drivers, restraints, and opportunities. This report will help you discover the latest market trends and reveal sources of future market growth for Asia Pacific Automotive Plastics market. If you are looking for a detailed report on Automotive Plastics market, our research will save you time and effort while empowering you to make informed decisions.

This research report on Automotive Plastics market includes: Market estimate and forecast of Automotive Plastics market Key factors driving the growth of Automotive Plastics market Detailed profile of the key players operating in this market Five year forecasts of market trends and market growth Challenges and opportunities in Automotive Plastics market Why buy this report? Automotive Plastics market size, growth rate and forecast to 2020 Track key market trends, opportunities and threats Make informed decisions related to marketing, branding, strategy building, and market development Competitive landscape with company market share and detailed profiles of key market players
 Table of Contents                                                  

	Chapter 1 Executive Summary		
        	1.1 Automotive Plastics Industry Summary & Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
	Chapter 2 Automotive Plastics Industry Outlook                                                     		
        	2.1 Market Segmentation                                          
            2.2 Market Size and Growth Prospects
            2.3 Automotive Plastics Value Chain Analysis                                              
            2.4 Automotive Plastics Market Dynamics				
                    2.4.1 Market driver analysis						
               Restrictions on vehicular weight
                Restrictions on vehicular emission
                Improvements in vehicular aesthetics											
                    2.4.2 Market restraint analysis						
               High capital cost of infrastructure
                High cost of raw material																		
            2.5 Key Opportunities Prioritized                                           
            2.6 Industry Analysis - Porter's
            2.7 Automotive Plastics - Company Market Share Analysis
            2.8 Automotive Plastics - PESTEL Analysis
	Chapter 3 Automotive Plastics Product Outlook                                                       		
        	3.1 Polypropylene				
                    3.1.1. Global market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020, (Kilo Tons), (USD million)							
            3.2 Polyurethane				
                    3.2.1 Global market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020, (Kilo Tons), (USD million)							
            3.3 ABS				
                    3.3.1 Global market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020, (Kilo Tons), (USD million)							
            3.4 HDPE				
                    3.4.1 Global market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020, (Kilo Tons), (USD million)							
            3.5 Polycarbonate				
                    3.5.1 Global market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020, (Kilo Tons), (USD million)							
            3.6 Composites				
                    3.6.1 Global market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020, (Kilo Tons), (USD million)
	Chapter 4 Automotive Plastics Application Outlook                                                  		
        	4.1 Interior				
                    4.1.1. Automotive Plastics demand for Interior applications, 2012-2020, (Kilo Tons), (USD million)							
            4.2 Exterior				
                   4.2.1 Automotive Plastics demand for exterior applications, 2012-2020, (Kilo Tons), (USD million)							
            4.3 Engine Compartment				
                   4.3.1 Automotive Plastics demand for engine compartment applications, 2012-2020, (Kilo Tons), (USD million)
	Chapter 5 Automotive Plastics Competitive Landscape		
        	5.1 Akzonobel N.V.				
                    5.1.1 Company Overview
                    5.1.2 Financial Performance
                    5.1.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.1.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.2 BASF SE				
                    5.2.1 Company Overview
                    5.2.2 Financial Performance
                    5.2.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.2.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.3 Bayer Material Science AG				
                    5.3.1 Company Overview
                    5.3.2 Financial Performance
                    5.3.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.3.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.4 Borealis AG				
                    5.4.1 Company Overview
                    5.4.2 Financial Performance
                    5.4.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.4.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.5 Evonik Industries				
                    5.5.1 Company Overview
                    5.5.2 Financial Performance
                    5.5.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.5.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.6 GrupoAntolin-Irausa S.A.				
                    5.6.1 Company Overview
                    5.6.2 Financial Performance
                    5.6.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.6.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.7 Hanwha Azdel Inc.				
                    5.7.1 Company Overview
                    5.7.2 Financial Performance
                    5.7.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.7.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.8 Johnson Controls Inc.				
                    5.8.1 Company Overview
                    5.8.2 Financial Performance
                    5.8.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.8.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.9 Lear Corporation				
                    5.9.1 Company Overview
                    5.9.2 Financial Performance
                    5.9.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.9.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.10 Magna International Incorporated				
                    5.10.1 Company Overview
                    5.10.2 Financial Performance
                    5.10.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.10.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.11 Momentive Performance Materials Inc.				
                    5.11.1 Company Overview
                    5.11.2 Financial Performance
                    5.11.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.11.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.12 Owens Corning				
                    5.12.1 Company Overview
                    5.12.2 Financial Performance
                    5.12.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.12.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.13 Quadrant AG				
                    5.13.1 Company Overview
                    5.13.2 Financial Performance
                    5.13.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.13.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.14 Royal DSM N.V.				
                    5.14.1 Company Overview
                    5.14.2 Financial Performance
                    5.14.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.14.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.15 Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)				
                   5.15.1 Company Overview
                    5.15.2 Financial Performance
                    5.15.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.15.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.16 Teijin Limited				
                    5.16.1 Company Overview
                    5.16.2 Financial Performance
                    5.16.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.16.4 Strategic Initiatives							
            5.17 The Dow Chemical Company				
                    5.17.1 Company Overview
                    5.17.2 Financial Performance
                    5.17.3 Product Benchmarking
                    5.17.4 Strategic Initiatives
	Chapter 6 Methodology &Cellulose Fibers                                       		
        	6.1 Research Methodology                                       
            6.2 Research Automotive Plastics & Assumptions                                       
            6.3 List of Data Sources

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