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Analysis and Forecast of China Ethylene Glycol Industry, 2013-2017

Published: Sep, 2013 | Pages: 62 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Chemicals | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

China is the largest consumption country of ethylene glycol in the world, the import dependence degree is more than 70%. In 2012, the production capacity of China's ethylene glycol was 4.12 million tons of tons with the output of 2.77 million tons and apparent consumption volume of 10.72 million tons, rising 14.5% year-on-year. Because of the continuous upheaval of world economy, coupled with the trend of national stabilization policy, the textile export is affected by the international situations to some extent, making the demand growth limited; it is estimated that the demand for ethylene glycol is 11.79 million tons by 2013. 

For recent years, the production capacity of China's ethylene glycol has made great progress, but the output doesn't increase significantly; one of the reasons lies in the transportation of ethylene glycol raw materials. The core raw material of the traditional petrochemical routine ethylene glycol is the ethylene oxide. As the transportation of ethylene oxide is limited, the ethylene glycol device should rely on the construction of ethylene plants. So that decides the production capacity of domestic ethylene glycol mainly concentrates in the large petrochemical enterprises. The other main reason lies in the insufficient competitiveness of domestic high production cost and the shocks of overseas low cost products. 

The ethylene glycol downstream market: the total polymerization capacity of the domestic polyester enterprises was about 37 million tons in 2012, among which, the output of the domestic polyester filament was about 21.55 million tons with the year-on-year growth of about 12%. As of the end of 2012, the domestic polyester filament was about 26.70 million tons and accounting by that, the operating rate of domestic polyester filament was more than 80% in 2012, which was similar to that of 2011 and 2010. 

The main consumption market of ethylene glycol is in the Jiangsu-Zhejiang region, the main import source of which is Middle East. With the growth get slowly of downstream polyester in the future few years, it is estimated that the demand for ethylene glycol will decline; the annual growth rate of which will be about 10% and the demand for ethylene glycol will reach 17.265 million tons by 2017. 

Huidian Research releases Analysis and Forecast of China Ethylene Glycol Industry, 2013-2017, which mainly include the following contents: the industrial policy environment, industrial status quo at home and abroad, market scale, development of major regions, characteristics of imports and exports, downstream market development, development trends and the investment opportunities and risks etc. as well as the focusing analysis of five major companies. In addition, the report also makes the in-depth analysis interpretation of the major existing problems in the current rapid development progress of ethylene glycol as well as the affecting factors. 
 1. Overview of Ethylene Glycol
1.1 Product Definition and Performance 
1.2 Product Use and Toxicity 
1.3 Upstream and Downstream Industrial Chains 

2. Status Quo of Foreign Ethylene Glycol Industry
2.1 Status Quo of Production  
2.2 Consumption 
2.3 Status Quo of Manufacturing Enterprises 

3. Environment Analysis of China's Ethylene Glycol
3.1 China's Economic Development Environment 
3.1.1 Macroeconomics 
3.1.2 GDP
3.1.3 Fixed Asset Investment 
3.1.4 Total Amount and Growth Rate of Imports and Exports 
3.2 Industrial Related Policies, Laws, Regulations and Standards 

4. Status Quo of China's Ethylene Glycol Industry
4.1 Status Quo
4.2 Supply and Demand 
4.3 Prices 
4.4 Status Quo of Manufacturing Enterprises and Future New Projects 

5. Downstream Application Market of Ethylene Glycol
5.1 Polyester Field
5.1.1 Polyester Fiber 
5.1.2 PET Bottle Chip 
5.2 Other Fields 
5.2.1 Unsaturated Polyester Resin 
5.2.2 Antifreeze Field 
5.2.3 3 Glyoxal Field 
5.2.4 Others 
5.3 Downstream Demand by Regions 

6. Imports and Exports of China's Ethylene Glycol Products 
6.1 Import Volume and Amount 
6.2 Export Volume and Amount
6.3 Major Import Source and Export Destination Countries by Trade Amount 

7. Technology Development of China's Ethylene Glycol Products
7.1 Preparation Process Routines
7.2 Future Process Technology Development Trends 

8. Major Ethylene Glycol Enterprises 
8.1 China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group)
8.1.1 Company Profile 
8.1.2 Business Performance 
8.1.3 Competitive Advantages 
8.2 China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)
8.2.1 Company Profile 
8.2.2 Business Performance 
8.2.3 Competitive Advantages 
8.3 CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company Limited (CSPC)
8.3.1 Company Profile 
8.3.2 Business Performance 
8.3.3 Competitive Advantages
8.4 Danhua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
8.4.1 Company Profile 
8.4.2 Business Performance 
8.4.3 Competitive Advantages
8.5 COFCO Biochemical (Anhui) Co., Ltd. 
8.5.1 Company Profile 
8.5.2 Business Performance 
8.5.3 Competitive Advantages

9. Future Development Trends of China's Ethylene Glycol 
9.1Macro Environment Forecast
9.2 Development Prospects 

10. Industry Experts' Suggestions on Investing in China's Ethylene Glycol Industry
10.1 Industry Development Risks 
10.2 Industry Development Suggestions 

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