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Adapter Processor Wired Scalable Infrastructure: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2017 to 2023

Published: Oct, 2017 | Pages: 226 | Publisher: WinterGreen Research
Industry: ICT | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the artificial intelligence software, IOT Internet of things, drones, self driving cars, and all manner of automated process increases use of the digital economy.  Scalable Data Centers depend on infrastructure scalability excellence, which is achieved with a two layer architecture utilizing adapters and processors described in this study. 

Data center solutions are moving in the direction of being open standards-based, software-driven, and able to work seamlessly with DevOps to achieve cross-domain automation.  The aim of IT is to meet agility and efficiency goals.  Scalable data center wired Adapter Processor represent one component of the move to a digital economy.

Speed is the new currency of business.  Digital disruption is illustrated by Google, Facebook, and Amazon.  Among many other well-known digital disruptors Salesforce stands out.  These companies have IT that is characterized by the ability to respond to opportunities quickly.  It is no longer possible to beat the competition by having a better product, lower prices, and the best people. That still matters, but is not enough.

To win, companies need an agile IT architecture, less expensive by a factor of 50 than existing IT, and that helps companies respond to the next big wave of opportunity and ride it faster than the competition.  While corporate management is consumed in managing people by setting rules and creating workgroups that are effective, and things that are put in place to let people do their work, IT is consumed with increasing the levels of automation, making more parts of the organization automated.  It is significant that no IT manager has ever become CEO or CFO of a major corporation, illustrating that the corporate management and IT functions are different.

IT organizations have become more complex, managing more endpoints that bring more data into the same IT center.  The IT departments work to achieve end-to-end connectivity and services with a mandate to move to cloud computing.  

In this context, servers, storage, cannot always be moved into a hyper-converged cloud infrastructure.  Mellanox intelligent interconnect solutions are a key part of supporting Scalable Infrastructure inside any IT organization, supporting both cloud and existing infrastructure that is in place and functioning.

Mellanox is a leading vendor of semiconductor solutions focused on high-performance interconnect.  It has successfully launched several generations of InfiniBand and Ethernet data center products.  Strong competencies are provided for integrating mixed-signal processing and integrating complex ICs.  Software development capability is a key strength because all complex integration is managed with software.  

Software allows offering more complete solutions.   A significant portfolio of intellectual property, IP, permits Mellanox to offer industry leading integration of signals at the chip level.  This is a major shift in the way IT is conducted with integration of systems previously happening at the API level.  Mellanox has 407 issued patents. 

According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the team that wrote the study, “Market growth is a result of the ability of the adapters to work inside a fiber infrastructure data center and to manage data transport inside the data center faster, to create any node to any node data transmission within the data center, and to process the mountains of data being generated by digital economy up to 1,000 times more efficiently than is now the case with traditional systems.”

Scalable Data Center Market Forecasts

Scalable wired infrastructure Adapter Processor market forecast indicates that markets at $1.9 billion in 2017 are expected to reach $9.8 billion dollars worldwide by 2023.  These represent a very specialized type of analytics systems able to address a wide range of issues that can be newly managed with digitization.  Steady growth is anticipated because the adapter units are offering breakthrough node to node integration capabilities that further automates a data center.   Steady growth is anticipated because the adapter units are the best device for implementing efficient operations at low cost.

Companies Profiled

Market Leaders

•	Mellanox
•	Intel
•	Cavium

Market Participants

•	Alphabet / Google
•	Arris / Broadcom
•	Broadcom
•	Brocade
•	Cisco
•	Facebook
•	Nvidia
•	Walmart
•	ZT Systems
 Table of Contents

Scalable Data Center Wired Adapter Processor Market Driving Forces 17
Scalable IT Infrastructure Data Center Processor Market Driving Forces 19
Suppliers Of Intelligent Interconnect Solutions 20
Data Growth Continues to Drive Infrastructure Scalability 21
Scalable Infrastructure Data Center Processor Adapter Market Shares: 24
Scalable Wired Infrastructure Adapter Market Forecasts: 25

1. Scalable Data Center Wired Adapters: Market Description and Market Dynamics: 27
1.1 Critical Challenge Of Handling Exponentially Expanding Volumes Of Transactions And Data 27
1.1.1 IT is Everything for the Business 28
1.2 End-To-End High-Performance Interconnect Products and Solutions for Artificial Intelligence 32
1.2.1 Scalable Infrastructure Data Center Components 32
1.2.2 Server Computing And Traditional Storage Systems Being Replaced 33
1.2.3 High-Performance Interconnect Solutions Value 34
1.2.4 High-Performance Interconnect Solutions Replace Existing Server Architectures 35
1.3 Challenges Addressed by High-Performance Interconnect Processors 39
1.3.1 High-Performance Interconnect Processors Manage Increasing Complexity 40
1.3.2 Advantages of InfiniBand 40
1.3.3 Scalable Computing Uses a Network to Enhance Processing Performance 44
1.4 Superstar Companies That Are Able To Leverage IT to Achieve Growth 44
1.4.1 Using Digital Technology To Create Market Disruption 45

2 Scalable Data Center Wired Adapter Processors: Market Shares and Market Forecasts 47
2.1 Scalable Data Center Wired Adapter Processor Market Driving Forces 47
2.1.1 Scalable IT Infrastructure Data Center Processor Market Driving Forces 49
2.1.2 Suppliers Of Intelligent Interconnect Solutions 50
2.1.3 Data Growth Continues to Drive Infrastructure Scalability 51
2.2 Scalable Infrastructure Data Center Processor Adapter Market Shares: 55
2.2.1 Mellanox High-Performance Mixed-Signal Design 57
2.2.2 Mellanox 58
2.2.3 Intel Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) 62
2.2.4 Cavium / QLogic Corporation 62
2.2.5 IBM 62
2.3 Scalable Wired Infrastructure Adapter Market Forecasts: 63
2.3.1 Facebook Fabric Next-Generation Data Center Network Design: Pod Unit of Network 70
2.3.2 Mega Data Center Server Pods 72
2.3.3 Exchange Of Data Between Servers Represents A Complex Automation Of Process 73
2.3.4 Network Disaggregation 74
2.3.5 Scalable Infrastructure Data Management Component Application Segments 77
2.3.6 Super Computing 88
2.4 Scalable Infrastructure Data Center Data Growth 91
2.5 Scalable Infrastructure Data Center Components Challenges 92
2.6 Scalable Infrastructure Data Center Component Prices / ROI: 95
2.7 Scalable Infrastructure Data Center Components Regional Segments: 97

3. Scalable Data Center Infrastructure Processor Products: 99
3.1 Mellanox 99
3.1.1 Mellanox Multi-Host Solutions 100
3.1.2 Mellanox OEMs White Box Disaggregated Data Centers and Servers102
3.1.3 Mellanox Technologies / IBM OEM - 102
3.1.4 Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE OEM - Mellanox Technologies 103
3.1.5 Cisco OEM - Mellanox Technologies 104
3.1.6 Dell OEM - Mellanox Technologies 104
3.1.7 Mellanox Products OEM 105
3.1.8 Mellanox Network Disaggregation 106
3.1.9 Mellanox Delivers ConnectX-4 LX for the IBM z14 107
3.1.10 Mellanox IBM z14 Supporting Resources: 109
3.1.11 Mellanox Leading Supplier of InfiniBand ICs 110
3.1.12 Mellanox Leading Supplier of Scalable Infrastructure Ethernet Adapters 110
3.1.13 Mellanox Strategy 111
3.1.14 Mellanox NPS Next Generation Network Processor Unit (NPU) 113
3.2 Intel Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) 114
3.2.1 Intel / Mobileye 116
3.3 IBM 117
3.4 Cavium Networks 117
3.5 Facebook Aggregation Switches Are Lashed Together Through a Set Of NonBlocking Spine Switches 120
3.6.1 Google Network Called Jupiter 121
3.6 Microsoft Cloud Data Center Multi-Tenant Containers 122
3.7.1 Microsoft Azure Running Docker Containers 123

4. Scalable Data Center Infrastructure Processor Research and Technology: 125
4.1 InfiniBand 125
4.2 High-Performance Mixed-Signal IC Design 126
4.2.1 PCI Advanced Interfaces 128
4.2.2 System Hardware Technology 128
4.2.3 System Software Technology 129
4.3 OpenCAPI Standard 129
4.4 Open Compute Project 129
4.4.1 Top-of-the-Rack (ToR) Switches 130
4.4.2 Programmable Networks 131
4.4.3 SDN Ecosystem 132
4.4.3 Facebook Mega Datacenter Physical Infrastructure 134
4.4.4 Facebook Automation of Mega Data Center Process 135
4.4.5 Fabric Depends on Scale 136
4.4.6 Facebook Fabric Operates Inside the Data Center 137
4.4.7 AWS Datacenter Bandwidth 137
4.4.8 Amazon (AWS) Regional Data Center 139
4.4.9 Map of Amazon Web Service Global Infrastructure 140
4.4.10 Rows of Servers Inside an Amazon (AWS) Data Center 141

5. Scalable Data Center Infrastructure Adapter Companies 142
5.1 Alphabet / Google 142
5.1.1 Google Switches Provide Scale-Out: Server And Storage Expansion 142
5.1.2 Google Uses Switches and Routers Deployed in Fabrics 143
5.1.3 Google Mega Data Center Multipathing 144
5.1.4 Google Mega Data Center Multipathing: Routing Destinations 146
5.1.5 Google Clos Topology Network Capacity Scalability 147
5.2 Arris / Broadcom 148
5.3 Broadcom 148
5.3.1 Broadcom Mega Data Center Server Pods 149
5.3.2 Broadcom Non-Blocking Network Architecture 150
5.3.4 Broadcom Revenue 152
5.3.5 Broadcom / Emulex 162
5.3.6 Broadcom Emulex Corporation 162
5.4 Brocade 163
5.4.1 Brocade Orchestration Software 167
5.5 Cavium Networks 169
5.4.1 Cavium Acquisition of QLogic 169
5.4.2 Cavium Revenue by Segment 172
5.4.3 Cavium Regional Revenue 172
5.5 Cisco 173
5.6 Facebook Pods 175
5.6.1 Facebook Sample Pod: Unit of Network 175
5.7 IBM 177
5.8 Intel 178
5.8.1 Intel Premier Computer Chip Maker 179
5.8.2 Intel Buys Mobileye 180
Intel Acquires Mobileye 184
5.8.3 Intel / Mobileye 184
5.8.4 Intel Company Strategy 186
5.8.5 Intel In The Internet Of Things Market Segment 188
5.8.6 Intel Competitive Advantages 189
5.9 Mellanox Technologies 190
5.9.1 Mellanox Interconnect Solutions Increase Data Center Efficiency 194
5.9.2 Mellanox High Performance Solutions 195
5.9.3 HPE Chooses Mellanox Spectrum™ To Power StoreFabric M-series Switches 195
5.9.4 Mellanox Converged Ethernet Storage Fabric 197
5.9.5 Mellanox Technologies Revenue 198
5.9.6 Mellanox Acquisition of EZchip 205
5.9.7 Mellanox Spectrum™ Ethernet Switch 207
5.9.8 Spectrum, the Eighth Generation Of Switching IC Family from Mellanox
5.10 Nvidia 208
5.10.1 NVIDIA 209
5.10.2 Nvidia Revenue 210
5.11 Walmart 211
5.12 ZT Systems 211

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