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2015 TEEMA Report: Degree of Recommendation for Chinese Cities by Taiwanese Vendors

Published: Apr, 2016 | Pages: 46 | Publisher: Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute
Industry: Banking | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Amid the economic slowdown in Europe and North America, China is facing headwinds in the wake of rising labor and production costs. Coupled with China's fast-changing policies, laws, and environments pertaining to foreign investment, it is getting tougher for foreign companies to invest and doing business in China. This report, which is one of a research series on the dynamics of the Chinese investment environment, serves as a reference for foreign companies when making investment decisions in China. The report presents the degree of recommendation for Chinese cities by Taiwanese vendors as surveyed by TEEMA (Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association).

List of Topics
Overview of the structure of the 2015 TEEMA (Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association) Report, which evaluates the competitiveness of Chinese cities from the view of Taiwanese vendors who are running business in China
Evaluation of the degree of recommendation by Taiwanese vendors in China with regard to their investment experience in a specific city; the measurement indicators include: (1) city competitiveness, (2) investment environment, (3) investment risks, (4) city development potential, (5) investment efficiency, (6) the degree of internationalization, (7) protection for Taiwanese companies' rights and interests, (8) efficiency of government administration, (9) prospects of domestic market, and (10) overall quality of life

List of Companies
 World Bank Group
 Table of Contents

1. Structure of 2015 TEEMA Report 4
1.1 Evaluation of Chinese Cities' Comprehensive Competitiveness 4
1.1.1 City Competitiveness 4
1.1.2 Investment Environment 4
1.1.3 Investment Risks 4
1.1.4 Degree of Recommendation by Taiwanese Vendors 5
1.2 TEEMA Survey Sample Collection from 2011 to 2015 6
1.3 Analysis of Taiwanese Vendors' Industries 7
1.4 Analysis of Taiwanese Vendors' Investment Locations 9
1.5 Analysis of Taiwanese Vendors' Future Deployment Plans 10
1.6 Taiwanese Vendors' Business Performance in China 11
1.7 Taiwanese Vendors' Business Disputes in China 12
1.8 Chinese Cities for Taiwanese Vendors' Future Deployment 16
1.9 Chinese Cities for Taiwanese Vendors' Future Deployment by Industry 17
1.9.1 High-Tech Industry 17
1.9.2 Traditional Industry 17
1.9.3 Service Industry 17

2. Degree of Recommendation by Taiwanese Vendors in China 18
2.1 Evaluation of Degree of Recommendation by Taiwanese Vendors in 2015 19
2.1.1 Top Ten Recommended Cities 19
2.1.2 Top Ten Least Recommended Cities 20
2.1.3 Top Ten Recommendation Indicators 20
2.2 Changes in Degree of Recommendation of Taiwanese Vendors, 2014 & 2015 38
2.2.1 Top Ten Growing Cities 38
2.2.2 Top Ten Declining Cities 39

Appendix 44
Glossary of Terms 44
List of Companies 45
List of Tables

Table 1: Categories and Indicators of the TEEMA Report 2015 5
Table 2: TEEMA Survey Sample Collection by Region, 2011 & 2015 7
Table 3: Analysis of Taiwanese Vendors' Business Operating by Industries, 2011 & 2015 8
Table 4: Analysis of Taiwanese Vendors' Business Operating by Invested Locations, 2011 & 2015 9
Table 5: Analysis of Taiwanese Vendors' Future Deployment Plans, 2011 & 2015 11
Table 6: Analysis of Taiwanese Vendors' Performance in China, 2015 12
Table 7: Taiwanese Companies' Business Disputes by Region, 2015 13
Table 8: Growth of Disputes Encountered by Taiwanese Vendors in China, 2014 & 2015 14
Table 9: Resolution Approaches and the Degree of Satisfaction with the Resolution, 2015 15
Table 10: Places for Taiwanese Vendors' Future Deployment, 2011 & 2015 16
Table 11: Places for Taiwanese Vendors' Future Deployment by Industry, 2015 18
Table 12: Evaluation of Chinese Cities' Degree of Recommendation by Taiwanese Vendors, 2015 21
Table 13: Overall Score and Ranking of Taiwanese Vendors' Degree of Recommendation in China by Aspect, 2015 37
Table 14: Changes in Taiwanese Vendors' Recommendations Scores of China's Cities, 2014 & 2015 39 

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